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	Memorizing multiplication table helps us greatly
	in daily life or in studies.
	This site will help you to easily remember the
	multiplication tables from 1 to 30,
	as it will give you lot of practice without reproach.

	Also, you could have a look at these tables in an unusual way !
	See the  wave pattern
 	and the  diagonal embedding pattern.

Send all your  suggestions & comments.

  • This site was authored, designed and created by Vidya Wadadekar.
  • This work is based on her article published in July 1986, Science Age.
  • Copyright © 2001-2003 by Vidya Wadadekar. Unauthorized distribution is forbidden. For questions about licensing this code,  E-mail.

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    I am happy to acknowledge the following:
  • Ray Stott for his Pop-Up Windows function - ver 2.0
  • website for protection-code.
  • for flash-code.
  • (Ver 4.0) for help in creation of these pages.
  • Cory Fogliani for the code of the game.

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